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Modeling agencies and the questions we need to consider

We answer the question "Should I apply for a modeling agency if I don't have a portfolio". As a photographer Virginia gets asked this question very often, if you are in the same situation - we've got you covered. You can ASK US HERE everything you’d like to know know and we’ll answer in the next episodes! Get your free mood board template! Want to su[...]

Maintain a Relationship with a Model Agency

Establishing relationship with a model agency is not the hard part.... The hard part is keeping this relationship. And that's exactly what we'll be talking about in this episode. Want to submit to Lucy's? Do it here! (@lucysmagazine) Want to submit to shuString Magazine? Do it here! (@shustringmagazine) Want to submit to Jute Magazine? Do it here! (@[...]

Build a Worldwide Career with Kourosh Sotoodeh

In this episode of the Fashion Photography Podcast we meet Kourosh Sotoodeh (instagram: kouroshsotoodeh) He tells the story how he moved from Iran to Dubai and then to NYC. Because of his experience built in so many and different places he'll answer the question do we need to upgrade our portfolio when we move to another country? How to choose the best[...]