All about it

Stylist's  quote: Kinetic sand fades over time, taking different forms of the universe! Photographer: Anna Goncharova Stylist: Dima Dihtyar MUA & Hair Stylist: Julia Kuzmenko Model: Darina Vakulenko @ StarSystem Designer: MARIMIR, Dihtyar, Dior, Armani.

The city in my eyes

Photographer's quote: Beyond this is an opportunity to share the frozen moments of life with other people. The camera lets catch the emotions, feelings and sensations of the person , to reveal his inner world, which is not that easy to see in everyday life. Therefore, the pictures are “live”, they always generate interest not only in professionals but a[...]

A secret life

Photographers' quote: "Shh…!  don't look now. You are not supposed to see this, I eat you now ' Photographers: Yuji Oboshi and Mari Maeda Stylist: Kardia Williams Make-up Artist: Yuco Kokita Hair Stylist: Alex Tome Model: Michaela @ Marilyn NY 1. Blazer: ZARA, Pants: ZARA, Blouse: ZARA, Jacket: ZARA, Scarf: ECHO, Bag: VINCE CAMUTO, Shoes: KATE SPADE, R[...]