Seventh issue

1. Breakfast can wait Photographer: Alena Ray Designer: Egish Shiroyan MUA & Hair Stylist: Marchenkova Svetlana Model: Nika Viper 2. Nothing but this moment Photographer: Ren Pidgeon Stylist: Candice Lewin MUA: Ana Makridis Hair Stylist: Lauren Mackellar Model: Miranda Louey 3. Dangerous minds Photographer: Artur Verkhovetskyi Styli[...]

Kinetic personality

Photographer's quote: "Kinetic would be called a personality that is not only lively,active, moving but also flexible and makes changes which are based on the person's needs..." Photographer: Nikol Bartzoka Face painting: Julie Alexander Model: Laura @ Acemodels

Flower mornings

Photographer's quote: "Kinetic... is the power of moving" Photographer: Darius Lucaciu Style: Liqiao Zhu MUA & Hair Stylist: Britta Tess Model: Alice Luckan @ Stellamodels