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"Less words, more imagery" - Matt Easton

  In this episode of the Fashion Photography Podcast we meet Matt Easton (instagram: matteaston)  Matt will help us to ease the anxiety before photo shoots. He's giving us his advice on what to do if you are stuck in a city without fashion, and also answers the question - why so many photographers are control freaks? You can ASK US HERE everything yo[...]

Modeling agencies and the questions we need to consider

We answer the question "Should I apply for a modeling agency if I don't have a portfolio". As a photographer Virginia gets asked this question very often, if you are in the same situation - we've got you covered. You can ASK US HERE everything you’d like to know know and we’ll answer in the next episodes! Get your free mood board template! Want to su[...]

"Nice doesn't mean stupid!"-Amber Gray - Part2

In this episode of the Fashion Photography Podcast we meet Amber Gray (instagram: mz_amber_gray) What's Amber Grey' strategy for making her photos stand out? What makes a great photograph in her opinion? She's sharing about a horrible experience from a great looking shoot. How finding money is the hard part but it's not an impossible one. We talk abo[...]